About Us

About Us

Discover the culinary symphony at
Restaurant Início

Início – /noun/ Latin for beginnings, also means “to inspire”.

Restaurant Início is a refined Progressive European restaurant with eclectic influences. As the brain-child of Chefs Marcus and Zachariah, Início is a platform showcasing the duo’s culinary philosophies and ingenuity: a style that seeks to orchestrate a cuisine that seamlessly blends contemporary cuisines of Europe with global influences.

Our culinary team, composed of local individuals with star-studded restaurant experiences, share a passion for pushing the boundaries of flavour and texture. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of European culinary traditions and piquant flavours of regional cuisines, our menu reflects our team’s commitment to quality, creativity and a harmonious blend of diverse culinary influences. It focuses on maximising flavour, while retaining emphasis on the purity and quality of seasonal produce.

Chef-Owner Marcus Tan


Chef Marcus Tan showcases his eclectic gastronomic savoir-faire in French and modern European cuisine, while injecting his personal accents of Asian influences. Being a Singaporean-boy at heart, he hopes to provide the same joy that was brought to him through his mother’s home-cooked food, by championing innovation and creativity with his years of experience and technical mastery.



Having worked in Michelin-starred kitchens both locally and abroad, Chef Zachariah Chow works closely with Chef Marcus to develop the Research & Development Program, bringing home his experiences at working with seasonality, techniques and innovation to elevate the restaurant’s cuisine. He also manages Início’s social media accounts as well as public relations. 

2 Leng Kee Road
Thye Hong Centre
Singapore 159086

Monday - Saturdays
12pm - 2:30pm
6pm - 10:30pm
Sundays (Closed)